Scribendi is an annual print publication that publishes select visual art and literature submissions from Honors students across the country. Each year, the magazine is entirely re-designed and produced from scratch (yes! from reviewing submissions and copy editing to designing the cover and layouts!). Then it's finally printed at Starline Printing Press for a limited edition single run of 1200 copies.

For the 2019 edition I was the Managing Editor! Here are a few highlights:

  • We introduced a light and vibrant pink Pantone (177U) for the first time in Scribendi history that I absolutely LOVE!
  • We received an incredible 560 submissions
  • For the cover we used 120lb Lynx Opaque Ultra paper by Domtar
  • Like that full bleed along the edges? Me too! I'm a sucker for a full bleed with the help from a printing press
  • There are 15 eight-page signatures (120 pages total)
  • Each spread was carefully decided, although I will say making the final mix of the magazine was a bit tricky!
  • We opted for a clean and minimal interior design, hence the dedication from myself and my Editor-In-Chief, 'To Simplicity'

See the full 2019 edition here:

The 2018 edition is bold and geometric. I worked alongside the Editors as a member of the Design Committee to truly bring the interior pages of this edition of the magazine to life! We introduced french flaps on the cover of the 2018 edition for the first time in Scribendi history.

See the full 2018 edition here:

I created this T-shirt design which was printed using 2-color screen printing at a local shop. The vibe was cool and funky!

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